The Hood Milk Bar

The 1950s milk bar is making a comeback with this old-school trend seeing the revival of the laid-back cafe-style atmosphere of the classic milk bar but with a modern twist. Thing large gelato thickshakes, triple-scoop waffle cones and old-fashioned glass milk bottles. Perfect for an after-school hangout or treat after a long day at the beach.

With gelato made in house, it allows them to be extremely creative and the beauty of this, if you go in with an idea they can try and make it for you, giving them the power to give their customers exactly what they want.

With a modern breakfast menu based on an Australian influence and the lunch and dinner menu with an American influence, the Hood Milk Bar has something for everyone.


  • 188 Union Street, The Junction, Newcastle, NSW, 2291
  • (02) 4940 8883
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